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The basis of JSON Forms is the core module (@jsonforms/core) which provides utilities for managing and rendering JSON Schema based forms. The core package is independent of any UI technology.

We also provide the JSON Forms React (@jsonforms/react), JSON Forms Angular (@jsonforms/angular) and JSON Forms Vue (@jsonforms/vue) modules. These use the core package to provide specialized bindings for React, Angular and Vue. This approach is especially useful when developing multiple renderer sets against the same technology (i.e. React) as the core bindings don't need to be reimplemented with each set.

For React we maintain two renderer sets: The @jsonforms/material-renderers, which are based on the popular Material-UI framework and @jsonforms/vanilla-renderers which provides pure HTML5 renderers. For Angular we provide an Angular Material based renderer set (@jsonforms/angular-material). For Vue we provide a HTML5 based renderer set @jsonforms/vue-vanilla and a Vuetify based one @jsonforms/vue-vuetify.

We put great emphasis on the customizability and extensibility of JSON Forms. Not only are the existing renderers declaratively configurable, you can also add your own custom renderers or replace existing ones. Even when you would like to use a different UI framework (e.g. Bootstrap) you can still reuse the JSON Forms core and React, Angular or Vue packages to help you on the way.

In case you would like to use different application framework you can even create the bindings yourself. In this case you still get use out of JSON Forms via the core package.