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Vue Integration


Currently this integration is in a preview state!

With version 2.5 of JSON Forms we added support for Vue 2 (@jsonforms/vue2) and Vue 3 (@jsonforms/vue). Support for Vue 2 will be phased out once the community moves on.

For Vue we provide a HTML5 based renderer set, @jsonforms/vue-vanilla for Vue 3 and @jsonforms/vue2-vanilla for Vue 2. Additionally we offer a jsonforms-vue-seed, which allows to get a quick start with our Vue integration. By default the seed is based on Vue 3. The Vue 2 variant can be found on the vue2 branch.

For further information on how to use JSON Forms Vue and how to write an own renderer set, please consult the files for the Vue 3 and Vue 2 bindings as well as the Vue 3 vanilla, the Vue 2 vanilla and the Vue 2 Vuetify renderer sets.